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EPSO - Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization

EPSO is a method based on a hibrid of two established optimization techniques belonging to the meta-heuristic family: evolutionary computing and particle swarm optimization. DEEPSO is a high-performing variant of EPSO that includes a sampling machanism inspired in Differential Evolution.

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This site allows you to have a perspective of EPSO and to have access to written material and software.

The section ABOUT describes some of the characteristics of EPSO and the concept of Evolutionary Swarms.

The section PAPERS allows you to retrive the most important publications of the project. There is however a CAVEAT: the applicable Copyright Laws and regulations must at all times be respected. Therefore, publications should only be retrieved if for purposes associated with the EPSO project.

A basic EPSO code in C++ is available. A tutorial introductory text is provided in this section.

The section DEEPSO includes a description of the new variant of EPSO, including a transformation of the movement equation where a particle's best ancestor is replaced by a sampling in the set of the swarm's best ancestors. This variant has shown to be highly performing and to beat EPSO in most cases. The section includes publications specifically devoted to DEEPSO.

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